Second severe drought


High availability rating recorded


Songas' five-year anniversary


First severe drought


Last two LM6000 turbines installed


Transitioned to natural gas as a fuel source


Two LM6000 turbines installed


Ubungo Power Plant opening


Gas discovered offshore

Distributed generation for a developing nation

While the products are the primary focus, Songas and GE also developed a positive strong relationship due to three services: turbine lease pool, on-condition maintenance, and the quick response center. GE's turbine lease pool program provides temporary turbines to replace turbines that are under maintenance. Instead of completely halting production, substitute turbines are put in service while the permanent turbines are inspected and repaired. With over 1,000 LM6000 turbines in the fleet worldwide, this program is easily sustained and executed.

The on-condition maintenance philosophy adopted by Songas and GE allows the turbine condition to dictate maintenance activities and intervals. With this methodology, there are no pre-established maintenance intervals. That means more turbine uptime when engine condition allows it. The lightweight aeroderivative gas turbine design allows for easy accessibility with modular construction, ports for borescope inspections, and individually replaceable parts, offering Songas quick on-site engine exchanges. Modular construction permits component inspection and replacement without total disassembly.

Songas and GE have worked together since 2005, successfully operating and managing their aeroderivative units. The speedy response of GE's engineering team and fast mobilizations of technicians and assets have been fundamental in maintaining Songas' high availability over the years. GE technicians at the quick response center — a 24x7 call center — remotely diagnose using data trends each time Songas picks up the phone.

Songas is committed to sustainable development and the people who live on Songo Songo Island. Using GE technology, Songas provides the sole source of clean water and power to the island. Songo Songo Island has grown from approximately 500 inhabitants in 2004 when the gas was discovered to a population of about 8,500. Songas also provides free healthcare and education to the residents. The local population originally consisted of fishermen and farmers in 2004, but has grown into a community that enjoys access to a variety of services and commodities.