Type:Thermal Power Station
Industry:Distributed Power
Headquarters:Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Area Served:Tanzania
Key People:Mikael Karlsson, Globeleq Chief Executive Officer; Christopher Ford, Songas Managing Director
Annual Production:180 MW, 25 percent of Tanzania’s electricity needs

Globeleq, the majority shareholder of Songas Limited (Songas), is an experienced power company actively developing energy solutions for the emerging markets in Africa and Central America. The company creates economically sustainable businesses that support the continued development of the power sector in these regions. Songas is also an active participant in these communities.

Songas owns East Africa's largest thermal power station, producing 180 MW of reliable and cost-effective electricity. Songas processes gas from the Songo Songo Island gas fields off the coast of southern Tanzania and then transports it through a 225-kilometer pipeline to Dar es Salaam, where it is used to generate electricity through gas turbines at the Ubungo power plant.